The First T-34
Birth of a Legend : The T-34 Model 1940

The Soviet T-34 medium tank was undoubtedly the most important tank design of World War 2. In retrospect, one can go as far as to say “it was the tank that won the war”. On the other hand, it was not an easy birth of a legend,

as its revolutionary new tank design was not widely embraced when it was first proposed yet ultimately had to be rushed into production.
This publication describes, in hitherto unseen detail and research, the birth of the legendary T-34 through its first series production Model 1940. It starts with the path that led to the first prototypes, covers the many details of its production models and, finally, follows it into action during those so decisive first five months of the Great Patriotic War, today most commonly known by the German name for the invasion, Operation Barbarossa. During this campaign, both the T-34 and KV tank came as a complete surprise to the advancing German Wehrmacht, and on many encounters the two new Soviet tanks designs slowed down the German momentum, eventually to an extent that the objective of Moscow could not be taken before winter arrived. Over the past decade, the author devoted himself to the many technical details of T-34-76 models, indeed closely looking at each and every “nut and bolt” and is now able to provide the first ever in-depth research on the development, technology and combat history of the T-34 Model 1940, the first version of a legendary tank family.

On 216 pages this publication is illustrated with 330 black&white photographs (the bulk of which hitherto unpublished), 110 graphics, 23 colour plates, 6 five-perspective technical drawings in 1/35 scale and 4 maps. English text.

Limited Edition: 999 copies

Examples of the 30 chapters contained in the book:

  • Predecessors of the T-34
  • A-34 Prototypes
  • Launch of Mass Production
  • Pre-Serial Production
  • Technical Description
  • Pre-series and First Series Vehicles until September 1940
  • Early-Series Vehicles September 1940
  • Early-Series Vehicles September-November 1940
  • Series Vehicles November-December 1940
  • Series Vehicles January-February 1941
  • Series Vehicles March-April 1941
  • Shipping and Allocation until 22 June 1941
  • Operation Barbarossa – The T-34 Debuts in Combat
  • Exemplary Encounters with the Wehrmacht
  • The T-34 Captured for Evaluation
  • Colours and Markings

Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
Illustrated throughout with 330 black&white photographs, 110 graphics, 23 colour plates, 6 five-perspective technical drawings in 1/35 scale and 4 maps
Text – Language:
Complete English text
Number of Pages:

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